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Educational Material and Calls to Action to Combat Ocean Blindness


Understanding - and addressing - challenges facing oceans, seas, lakes and rivers caused by human activities

The study of ocean literacy can vividly illustrate the symbiotic relationships within ecosystems and the interconnectedness of various aspects of the Earth's systems. It serves as a foundational over-arching theme that can effectively highlight the global impact of climate change, emphasizing that actions in any one part of the world have far-reaching implications for humankind. Helping individuals gain a holistic understanding of the interconnected nature of climate change is crucial for fostering a sense of global responsibility and encouraging proactive measures to address climate-related challenges collectively, whilst aligning with the EU Ocean Mission of restoring our ocean and waters. In the process, we are able to nurture a new generation of Agents of Change who can participate in the various global initiatives to restore the Earth's health and well-being.

The EU Ocean Mission "Restore our Ocean and Waters" aims to protect and restore the health of our oceans and waters through research and innovation, citizen engagement, and blue investments. The mission's new approach is to support cross-sectoral programming that delivers on the European Green Deal by “putting the blue into the green” and supporting programming aimed at restoring the good health of the ‘hydrosphere’, the single connected system of the ocean, seas, coastal and inland waters. Water covers over 75% of the Earth’s surface, and life on Earth depends on a healthy hydrosphere to maintain a rich biodiversity and functioning ecosystems that provide oxygen, drinking water and food. Pollution-free waters are critical for the health of both citizens and planet. For citizens of the world, the health of the ocean and waters will shape their very real conditions of life. Healthy ecosystems support the transition to climate-neutrality, as the ocean is one of the planet’s most important carbon sinks and its resources, wind, tides and waves, provide clean energy. Click here to learn more.

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